Data from our on campus measurement systems:
Monthly Average: Wind Speed (@60m)Wind Speed (@50m)Wind Speed (@30m)Temperature
Global (Solar Insolation)
Daily Average in the month:
March136.44 m/s6.08 m/s5.51 m/s14.08 oC5.02 kWh/m2
April135.04 m/s4.74 m/s4.37 m/s17.29 oC6.30 kWh/m2
May134.39 m/s4.16 m/s3.39 m/s22.20 oC6.77 kWh/m2
June135.56 m/s5.20 m/s4.78 m/s24.73 oC8.31 kWh/m2
July134.58 m/s4.32 m/s3.97 m/s27.08 oC8.30 kWh/m2
August134.53 m/s4.24 m/s3.89 m/s27.85 oC7.41 kWh/m2
September134.78 m/s4.47 m/s4.11 m/s24.54oC6.34 kWh/m2
October133.71 m/s3.39 m/s3.00 m/s23.22oC4.99 kWh/m2
November135.15 m/s4.92 m/s4.48 m/s13.12oC2.82 kWh/m2
December135.26 m/s5.05 m/s4.61 m/s11.05oC2.47 kWh/m2
January144.33 m/s4.10 m/s3.69 m/s12.38oC2.74 kWh/m2
February144.10 m/s3,93 m/s3.60 m/s12.12oC4.10 kWh/m2

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