Record Measurement by REDAR Wind Tower

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A “Tropical Storm” Recorded!

“The profile of severe wind that damaged several property and knocked down a number of trees in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on March 22 was scientifically examined at the METU Northern Cyprus Campus. Meteorological data obtained via the wind measurement tower revealed that it should be called a ‘Tropical Storm’ according to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale (SSHS). The 60- meter wind tower located at one of the highest points on the Campus above sea level was installed approximately a month ago.

“Average wind speed recorded at the height of 60 meters throughout March is 25.63 km/h” said, Associate Professor Dr. Murat Fahrioğlu (METU NCC, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering). “The wind began to blow on March 21 around noon and ended on Saturday evening, March 23. Measurements recorded at the same height over 2 days proved that the wind reached a maximum speed of 126 km/h. According to SSHS, winds of over 119 km/h, if accompanied by tornado, are classified as ‘hurricane’. Based on data obtained by wind tower, the severe wind that hit the island last week can be called a ‘Tropical Storm’ “ he added.”